The Zubenelgenbi CD is a collection of tapes I made from1968-1976 (I think!). Every so often I would sit down in front of a tape recorder and play things I had worked out. It was Bonnie, of course, who collected them all and arranged to have this CD made.

The title "Zubenelgenubi" is an Arabic word meaning the "north claw" as opposed to "Zubeneshamali", which means the "south claw". "Oh yes", I can hear you saying, "the north and south claw". ???? Z-ubi and Z-mali are also characters in the occasional on-going soap opera story I sometimes tell Bonnie to send her into Z-land (sleep). The stories are as boring as possible so I won't relate any of them here. The Z's are also the names of stars in the constellation Libra, Zubenelgenubi being the brightest, and that is why I knew them in the first place. The individual pieces are untitled, most never had names, the others long forgotten.

All the tracks are solo guitar except the Nighthawk version from the Bonnie Carol CD Laughing Willow. Recomended sample tracks are #s 7, 9 and 12, but they're all good. These are MP3 files, you are welcome to download them and pass them around. If you want an official CD send me $20.

Max Krimmel
15 Sherwood Road
Nederland, CO 80466

Track #1 2.5MB
Track #2 4.8MB
Track #3 2.3MB
Track #4 2.1MB
Track #5 1.6MB
Track #6 1.4MB
Track #7 1.8MB
Track #8 3.4MB
Track #9   1.6MB
Track #10 1.2MB
Track #11 1.8MB
Track #12 1.9MB
Track #13 1.6MB
Track #14 1.6MB
Track #15-Nighthawk-solo 4.9MB
Nighthawk from Laughing Willow 5.4MB


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