Guitar Materials for Sale - December 2020

It's been 35 years since I was interested in making guitars. I think it's time to sell the materials I collected over the years. It was always my policy to save my best wood for later, the rational being that I would be a better luthier and better able to make the best use of what even then were rare finds of wood. I used to joke that I'd probably die with the best sets still unused. Now I realize that this wood will be sold, either by me or my estate. I don't think I'm about to die but the wood is doing nobody any good stashed in my shop. So here it is, click on the thumbs to get the full story and big pictures of anything that strikes your fancy.

When possible I've noted the date the wood was originally purchased. All of it is at least 25 years old and has been carefully stored in my shop. If 25 years of Colorado air drying makes any difference, this wood has it.

Brazilian Rosewood back and side sets

Back and side sets

Other Materials

Packing: Please include $25 per order for large, fragile items (back and side sets, tops) and $10 per order for smaller less fragile items (tuners, pearl, ivory).

Shipping: I'll ship however you like and charge you however much it costs. My choice is UPS.

Payment: Paypal - if you wish to use a credit card please use this account, and add 2.9% to your total to cover the Paypal charges. If you pre-fund your Paypal account send to - and there is no Paypal fee. If you don't like Paypal make a suggestion.

Please call or E-mail if you have any questions, suggestions, offers or other comments.

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